Pardon denied, Sophie Scholl

File No.: 8J 35/43

Scholl Sofie May 9, 1921, Forchtenberg

Munich, February 22, 1943

Munich Stadelheim Prison

The Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court, State Prosecutor’s Office, Berlin.


With regards to: Execution of the death sentence imposed by the Special People’s Court Court Berlin, on February 22, 1943, on Sofie SCHOLL, single female student from Forchtenberg.

/Reich [illegible, received March 1, 1943, [illegible] 53]/ [Note 1]


Reich Prosecutor WEYERSBERG, as overseer of the execution.

Employee of the Justice Department Max HUBER of the State Attorney General’s Office Munich I, as Court Clerk of the Attorney General’s Office.

Sofie Scholl was led into the prison conference room and into the presence of Prison Warden and Sr. Gov’t Official Dr. KOCH, the Prison Doctor and Sr. Governmental Medical Official Dr. GRÜBER, the Prison Chaplain Rev. Dr. ALT, by two female prison officials today at 4 pm, whereupon it was disclosed to her that the Reich Minister of Justice had concluded in a decree dated February 22, 1943 that he would make no use of his right of pardon, but that he would rather allow justice to take its course, and that the death sentence shall be carried out this day at 5 pm in the Munich Prison – Stadelheim.

The condemned made no comment.

/Signature: Weyersberg/ Reich Prosecutor

/Signature: [illegible]/ Court Clerk.


Note 1: This was a stamp in the right-hand margin of the form. The number 53 was handwritten.


Source: ZC13267 (225)

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