August Klein invoice (legal fees)

August KLEIN, Attorney-at-Law, Munich
Office: Ludwig Str. 17a
Tel: 33542

Munich, February 23, 1943

PEOPLE’S COURT, Bureau of the 1st Council

Criminal proceedings against Hans Scholl, Sophia Scholl and Christoph Probst for high treason etc.

8J 35/43.

As court-appointed attorney for the accused 1) Hans Scholl 2) Sophia Scholl I hereby request that the attorney’s fees owed me [in this matter] be transferred to my account #22871 with the Post Bank/Munich, as follows:

1) Pre-trial = Conference with the accused 1) Hans Scholl 2) Sophie Scholl in Stadelheim Prison in the prison of the [Gestapo] interrogation facilities in Munich, as so ordered by the court, 60 Marks [$480.00].

2) Representation [as defense counsel] for the above-named accused at trial: First day = February 22, 1943, 120 Marks [$960.00], second day = .

3) Value-Added Tax = 3.60 Marks [$28.80].

4) Miscellaneous expenditures for postage and telephone, accuracy certified = 0.40 Marks [$3.20].

Total = 184 Marks [$1,472.00]

/Signature: A. Klein/

/Stamp: Payment in the amount of 184.—Marks approved. Chapter IX, Title 33, Berlin, February 26, 1943. Accounting Office of the People’s Court./

/Signature: [Illegible]/ Chief Officer of the Court.


Source: ZC13267 (253)

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