Certified copies of verdict

Prepare the following for the Chancellery immediately

I. 1 certified copy of the enclosed verdict as an enforceable draft,

[illegible] certified copies of the enforceable draft [of the verdict],

12 regular copies of the verdict (without mark of certification)

II. The wording on the copies that shall be deemed enforceable drafts shall read as follows:

The accuracy of this copy is [herewith] certified and the enforceability of the verdict is confirmed.

Berlin, /Stamped: February 23, 1943/

/Signed: Husk/, Chief Administrative Officer
Acting as Court Clerk for the Bureau


Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court,


9 certified copies and

9 regular copies.

J /


/Handwritten: Copies made 2/23 W /

1H47 / 43 /Handwritten: [illegible] February 23, 1943 /

/Initials: [Illegible]/

Form III.33

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