Execution record, Sophie Scholl

8J 35/43

Execution Vol. 2

Name of the condemned: Scholl, Sophia

Date of Verdict: February 22, 1943; Beginning date of punishment: [blank]

Punishment imposed: [blank] Years – [blank] Months – In penitentiary – In prison; Deduction for [blank] Years [blank] Months of interrogation; [blank] Years of   loss of honor, Police supervision [blank] Death penalty

Location for execution of punishment: [blank]

Date delivered [to facility]: [blank]

Date punishment ends: [blank] Page: [blank]

Clemency denied: [blank] Page: [blank] Page: [blank]

Prison leave, clemency, etc.: [blank]

Form V.61. Punishment executed: February 22, 1943 – Page: 5


Source: ZC13267 (221)

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