Verdict (short version) – Sophie Scholl

Certified Copy – I H 47/ 43

In the Name Of the German People

In the criminal case against

1.) Hans Fritz Scholl from Munich, born in Ingersheim on September 22, 1918,

2.) Sophia Magdalena Scholl from Munich, born May 9, 1921 in Forchdenberg [sic],

3.) Christoph Hermann Probst from Aldrans near Innsbruck, born November 6, 1919 in Murnau,

currently in interrogative custody with regards to the matter of traitorous aiding and abetting of the enemy, preparations for high treason, and demoralization of the armed forces –

The First Council of the People’s Court, pursuant to the trial of February 22, 1943, in which the following participated:

As Judges:

President of the People’s Court, Dr. Freisler, presiding

Director of the Regional Court Stier

SS-Gruppenführer Breithaupt

SA- Gruppenführer Bunge

Deputy Secretary of State and SA- Gruppenführer Köglmaier

As Representative of the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich:

Reich Attorney Weyersberg

The above have acknowledged as just: That during a time of war, the accused used leaflets to call for sabotage of  armaments and for the overthrow of the National Socialist way of life; they have propagated defeatist thinking and vilified the Führer in a most vulgar manner, thereby aiding and abetting the enemies of the Reich and demoralizing our armed forces.

They are therefore to be punished by death.

They have forfeited their honor as citizens for ever.

The accuracy of this copy is herewith certified and the enforceability of the judgment is herewith confirmed in writing.

Berlin, February 23, 1943

Thiele, Senior Judicial Officer

Serving as Court Clerk for the Bureau

Certified:  /Signature: [illegible] [Note 1]/, Secretariat
Serving as Court Clerk for the Bureau

/Seal: Bureau of the People’s Court/


Note 1: The signature is not Thiele as one would expect.

Ed. Note; This is in Sophie Scholl’s execution volume. There is also a copy – similar but not identical – in the execution volumes of Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst. Since they are not identical, those documents will be included here as well.


Source: ZC13267 (222 – 223)

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