Bischoff opens case against Schmorell


8J 35/43.

1.) – 5.) … [Ellipses in original.]

6.) New proceedings for preparations for high treason shall be entered against the student Alexander Schmorell from Munich, born September 16, 1917 in Orenburg.

[Illegible] J38/43.

The following shall be filed therein:

1. Copy of this instruction so ordering,

2. Indictment and verdict against Scholl et al,

3. The original copy of the telex.

7.) An additional copy of the instructions re 6) above shall be placed in the working file of the new proceedings against Schmorell.

8.) – 9.) … [Ellipses in original.]

Berlin, March 1, 1943
Chief Prosecutor of the Reich
People’s Court
By order of
Signed by: Bischoff.

– – – – [Dashes in original.]


Source: NJ1704 (104)

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