Grimminger taken into custody


State Police Headquarters Stuttgart
Stuttgart, March 2, 1943
Vol. No. II A – 67/43.

Regarding: Matter of high treason Hans Scholl et al

With reference to: Your telex dated March 1, 1943, Vol. No. II A/So. 13226/43

Eugen Grimminger, CPA, born July 29, 1892 in Crailsheim, residing in Stuttgart, Altenberg Str. 42, was taken into custody today.

The search of his house and office yielded no evidence. Only one letter and a book “Panorama” were found. Both supposedly were from Inge Scholl in Ulm.

Grimminger is being transferred [to Munich] via the D-Zug, departing Stuttgart at 2:29 pm, arriving in Munich at 6:02 pm, by means of individual transport.

Signed by Engelbrecht, SS-Stubaf.

For the correctness of the copy:

/Signed: Schmauβ/, Crim. Secr.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (36)

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