Prosecution correspondence

8J 35/43.

1) One copy each of the announcement is to be sent to: a. The Supreme High Command of the Armed Forces, b. Reich Minister of Aviation [Note 1], c. General files.

2) Put this in the Execution Volume.

/Stamp: Berlin, March 3, 1943, Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court/. /Initial and date: W, 3/3/. /Initialed by: W. [Note 2]/.

To 1.a.b, written on March 4, 1943 Harff. Sent to 1, a, b, /Initials: [Illegible]/. To 2 /Initials: [Illegible]/ March 4 /Initials: [Illegible]/.


Note 1: Not Luftwaffe or Air Force (re Christoph Probst), but Luftfahrt or aviation.

Note 2: Same unusual signatory W as used by Weyersberg.


Source: ZC13267 (239)

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