Second interrogation of Eugen Grimminger

II A/so. [Special Commission]

Munich, March 3, 1943

Continuation of the interrogation.

Led forth from custody, Eugen Grimminger (personal data known) admitted the following:

After I was discharged from military service, I was not made Director of the municipal cooperative in Crailsheim because of my political attitudes, but because I was placed in that position by the board of directors of the District Authority there. The workers’ council there did battle with me while I served in that position. They tried to have me removed from office.

In this context, I refer to personal attacks in the press (Fränkischer Grenzbote, Crailsheim, 1920/21), because I did not wish to allow them to tell me how to run my business.

I admit that I am an opponent of the planned economy that was in place there at that time. I probably voted for the National Assembly [Party].

Incidentally, at that time I was sworn in as the head of the [local] militia by the District Authority in Crailsheim. In the days following that, I voted for the “Bavarian People’s Party” [Note 1].

I cannot say what political party Robert Scholl belonged to (he was mayor of Ingersheim at that time). Scholl was mayor there during the war. I never learned anything else about him.

To the question as to why Hans Scholl would turn precisely to me to receive money for his seditious actions: I can only reply that he probably received the tip from Robert Scholl, that is, from Hans Scholl’s father, since I had deputized for him. Hans Scholl expressed himself so clearly during his first visit that I could imagine both of them [Note 2] working to overthrow [the government].

I do not know exactly what was said at that time. I now can see that it would have been most correct if I had shown both of them the door. I also know that I was duty-bound to report them [to the Gestapo]. I myself do not understand how I came to give Hans Scholl 500 RM for his goals. In any case, I assumed that both of them would have no need for any more money before they reached their goals. Therefore the current regime would not be harmed.

During the first visit, Hans Scholl caused me to have second thoughts about giving them money, because they were talking about instigating a putsch in Munich. During the second visit, Hans Scholl talked less about that [the planned putsch attempt] and rather more about his trips to various German cities. Therefore I was moved to give [him] money. I see however that I should not have done so.

Recorded by: /Signed: Schmauβ/, Crim. Secr.

Read aloud and signed: /Signed: Eugen Grimminger/


Note 1: Bayerische Volkspartei.

Note 2: Unclear from context whether “both of them” refers to Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell, or Hans Scholl and his father Robert Scholl. Because of continued use of “both of them” in following paragraphs, where Grimminger clearly refers to Hans and Alex, it is likely that duo.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (32 – 33)

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