Sophie Scholl’s personal effects

Board of Governors of the Prison and Interrogation Facility
Munich – Stadelheim

Munich 9, March 3, 1943

Stadelheim Str. 12

/Stamp: [illegible] March 8, 1943/

Telephone no. 492144, 492145, Management 492758
Reichs Bank checking account no. 135, Reichs Bank Munich
Post Bank account no. 8431, Railroad Branch, Munich-Giesing

To the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court, Berlin.

With regards to: Scholl Sofie, born May 9, 1921 for high treason.

The above-named was executed here on February 22, 1943. The following items are held in trust for her: 5.17 Marks [$41.36]

1 overcoat, 1 neckerchief, 1 bra, 1 purse, 4 tokens @ dl, 1 closed package of cigarettes and 1 package with 9 cigarettes, 1 package of matches, some chocolates, apples, and pastries.

The parents reside in Ulm on the Danube, Münsterpl. 33. I will inquire regarding further action with regards to the deceased’s assets that are held in trust here.

By order of: /Signature: [illegible]/ Administrative employee.


Source: ZC13267 (228)

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