Freisler’s opinion on Huber’s censure

According to Fichte and Kant – the great drummers for the concept of duty among professors – such a “professor” is a blot on the face of German scholarship, and that blot rightfully has been purged a few days ago in connection with this trial: He was ignominiously stripped of his high office. …

Professors or students who vilify the Führer in such a manner are no longer one of us. Those who slander National Socialism in such a manner no longer have a place among us.  Those who, in a time of war, seek to rend our unity and our resolution to wage war with their treasonous spawn of a seditious brain, they corrode our armed forces. They aid and abet the enemy in this war (§91b StGB). Men like Huber, Schmorell, and Graf know that too.


Source: Verdict with reason, second trial

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