Third interrogation of Eugen Grimminger

II A/So. [Special Commission]

Munich, March 4, 1943


[Note 1] Led forth from custody, Eugen Grimminger (personal data known), made the following statements:

Following my interrogation yesterday, I cannot make any statements regarding who took part in Scholl et al’s criminal act. I have stated everything as it occurred between Hans Scholl and me.

Upon remonstrance: A [male] witness has come forward who saw you either in Eickemeyer’s studio or in Scholl’s apartment a while ago [Note 2]. He was introduced to you and recognized you when he saw you in custody yesterday. What would you like to say to that, since you have kept silent until now about having met with Hans Scholl in Munich?

Answer: I have not been in Munich for around 10 years. When I am shown the photograph of the witness, I must say that this man is a complete stranger to me. It is unnecessary to introduce me to this man. I never met with Hans Scholl in Munich. As I said yesterday, he visited me twice in my office in Stuttgart. That is the sum total of all of our meetings. The witness in question must be in error, because I certainly do not know him.

Question: Do you know the private apartment where the Scholl siblings resided in Munich?

Answer: Hans Scholl did not give me his address. I also never asked him for it. Sophia Scholl certainly never looked me up in Stuttgart, nor did she give me her address in Munich. I cannot say anything else.

Recorded by: /Signed: Schmauβ/, Crim. Secr.

Read aloud and signed by: /Signed: Eugen Grimminger/


Note 1: Formatting of this document was unusual, as the clerk alternated between 1.5 spaces between lines and single space. That required a manual adjustment on a typewriter.

Note 2: Vor einiger Zeit.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (34)

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