Grimminger statement re Munich


State Police Headquarters
Stuttgart, March 9, 1943
Vol. No. II A – 67/43.

I. Regarding: Matter of high treason Hans Scholl et al

With reference to: Your telex dated March 6, 1943, Vol. No. II A – 13226/43

When asked, Grimminger’s wife said that her husband has not undertaken any trips during the past six months, except for business trips in the area near Stuttgart (such as Reutlingen and Crailsheim) to call on customers.

While the business consultant Robert Scholl was in prison (August – October 1942), her husband was in Ulm on various occasions to take care of pressing business matters for Scholl. Since Scholl was released from custody, he has not been back in Ulm.

Grimminger has not traveled to Munich since their honeymoon 21 years ago, which was in Munich.

Signed by Engelbrecht, SS-Stubaf.

II. Note: After Grimminger was repeatedly asked, he stated:

I was certainly never in Munich with regards to the highly treasonous matter of Scholl et al. I would not contradict the statements made by the witness if they were correct.

/Signed: Schmauβ/, Crim. Secr.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (37)

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