Anton Wagner’s statement

II A/So. Munich, March 11, 1943


The single medical student

Anton Wagner,

born July 9, 1918 in Pipinsried, residing at Schneckenburger Str. 39 / Second Floor, Munich with his parents, was summoned, and made the following statements:

Along with other comrades, I was transferred to the Eastern Front in July 1942 with Hans Scholl, Alexander Schmorell, and Willi Graf. I believe it was in August 1942, I purchased a Russian revolver from an unknown guard. I bought it for personal protection, or rather as a collector [of such items]. While I was on the Eastern Front, I carried it in a body belt and was happy about the acquisition. I learned from the seller of this weapon that it was plunder.

On the return trip to Munich from the Eastern Front, Hans Scholl asked me for this revolver. I told him that for the time being I was not considering a sale [of the weapon], and that I wanted to have it with me when I arrived home. Once we were here, Hans Scholl repeatedly approached me about selling this weapon to him. I believe it was in January 1943 that I decided to hand over this weapon to Scholl. We agreed that Scholl would give me a gray, used, light-weight coat in exchange. After he gave me the coat, I did not see Scholl for a while. Since Alexander Schmorell often stood in for Scholl and I knew that the two of them were good friends, I gave Schmorell the revolver I had sold to Scholl around the middle of February. Since I wanted to give Scholl a fair deal, I also handed over 71 bullets. When I handed over this weapon, I first unloaded it. I assumed that Schmorell would properly hand over the revolver and all the bullets.

In the meantime, I have learned that Hans Scholl has been executed for distribution of treasonous leaflets. Regarding Schmorell, I know that he was taken into custody during an air raid alarm in Munich for participation in Scholl’s crime.

I have nothing to do with the crimes of Scholl and Schmorell. If I had known that the two of them were involved in highly treasonous activities, I would not have sold them this firearm together with bullets. (I purchased the bullets at Adam Schork Firearms Store, Morassi Str. 4, Munich 5.) As much as I would like to, I cannot make any statements regarding possible co-conspirators or helpers in the crimes of Scholl and Schmorell.

I will maintain utmost silence regarding that which I have learned during today’s interrogation. Additionally, I know that must expect measures undertaken by the State Police if I violate this agreement.

Recorded by:

/Signature: Schmauß/
Crim. Secr.

Read and signed by:

/Signature: Wagner Anton/


Source: RGWA (32 – 33)

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