Mayor’s report to Weimar Gestapo

The Mayor
Police Department [not Gestapo]
Journal No. K – 256/43.
Pössneck, March 16, 1943

To the Secret State Police [Gestapo], State Police Headquarters, Weimar.

Regarding: Matter of high treason, Hans Scholl.

File No. or Previous Correspondence: Your telephone inquiry dated March 15, and March 16, 1943

Gisela Schertling was born in Pössneck on February 9, 1922 as the first legitimate daughter of the printing press owner Paul Schertling and his wife Charlotte nee Prässler [sic]. She lived at home when she was a child. She attended elementary school and then secondary school here in Pössneck. She took her Abitur here.

On April 20, 1938, Schertling moved to Weimar, Hardt Str. No. ?. On August 3, 1942, she returned here and registered [with the police] once again. On January 4, 1943, Schertling moved to Munich, Lindwurm Str. 13. She has not returned here since then.

Nothing negative is known regarding Schertling here. She has no prior convictions noted here, nor are any known. She is a political unknown [re police].

The same thing can be said for her parents. They enjoy a good reputation. Both are completely blameless. They are politically impeccable. The father has been a Party member since May 1, 1937. Their economic and family relationships are good.

Schertling’s father has been director of the Volkshochschule and Heimatschule in Pössneck for years. In addition to a few trade journals, his press has been publishing the “Pössnecker Zeitung” for over 100 years. These as well as the trade journals have always been nationalistic.

It therefore cannot be assumed that Gisela Schertling could do anything except think and act in a National Socialist manner.

By order of Signed Reiber.


Source: March 30, 1943 response by Weimar Gestapo

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