Precinct report to Weimar Gestapo

[Note 1] National Socialist German Workers Party [NSDAP]
Pössneck Precinct.
Precinct leader, Pössneck / Thuringia, March 18, 1943 Ho.

To the Secret State Police [Gestapo], State Police Headquarters, Weimar, Kegel Platz 1

Your file no. II A 1 – Vol. No. 994/43.

I respond to your letter dated March 16, 1943 as follows: Gisela Schertling is the oldest daughter of the co-owner of Gerold Verlag (large printing press) Paul Schertling and his wife Lotte nee Pressler. She was born on September 9, 1922 [sic]. From April 7, 1932 to Easter 1938, she attended Pössneck Secondary School. She belonged to J.V. [Jungmädel] from 1934 until she moved to Jena.

There is nothing negative about her politically. Her father and sister are Party members.

Gisela Schertling is a dreamer and religiously inclined. She is easily influenced, but not known for doing bad things. She is indifferent, not active, and aesthetically inclined.

Heil Hitler.

Signed. Signature. Precinct leader.


Source: March 30, 1943 response by Weimar Gestapo

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