Grimminger prison intake (Neudeck)

Warden of Neudeck Prison
Received on March 24, 1943, 11:30 am

From: Gestapo Munich

Eugen Franz Grimminger, born on July 29, 1892 in Crailsheim near (Württemberg). Occupation: CPA.

Religion: Theist. Residence: Stuttgart, Altenberg Str. 42. Last police registration: Ditto.

Nickname and possibly maiden name of spouse: Jenny Sara Grimminger nee Stern. Number of children: N/A.

Name and residence of the next of kin: Parents: Wife, same as above.

Prisoner Number: 1751/98
Shared cell.

Executory office or other office requesting admittance [to prison]:
District Court of Munich, ER 3
Sentence: [Blank]
Crime: High treason
Investigative custody
March 24, 1943, 11:30 am [start of imprisonment]

Notification of admittance [to prison] [Illegible]


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (42)

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