Arrest warrant – Alexander Schmorell

File No. ER 3 Gs 243/43

Munich 7, March 25, 1943.
Mariahilfplatz 17

District Court Munich
Department of Criminal Court
(Investigative Judge.)

Interrogation of the Accused

In the Investigation Against

In the Criminal Matter
Against Schmorell, Alexander
For High Treason

Superior Court Judge: Dietz.
Court Clerk: Dietz.

The accused, led forth from Neudeck prison, was interrogated in accordance with §136St.PO. as follows:

To his person: Schmorell Alexander, other personal details waived.

/Remainder of form regarding reading of the criminal’s rights was stricken/

/Preprinted: Form 11, J.G. Weiβ’che Buchdruckerei and Publishing House, Munich/ [End of page]

He / She said: [Blank]

With regards to the matter, the accused said:

I make reference to my previous statements and make them a part of my testimony. Inasmuch as I have confessed my guilt during the police interrogation, I also hereby make that confession as part of this judicial hearing. I /added by hand: illegible/ admit that I worked together with Hans and Sofie Scholl on the publication and distribution of the leaflet “Resistance Movement in Germany”. I also was connected with /added by hand: participated in/ the publication and distribution of the “White Rose” leaflets. I also admit that I participated in painting graffiti at the University of Munich, namely the inflammatory slogan “Down with Hitler”.

Therefore, a warrant for his arrest is herewith issued.

The accused is strongly suspected of a felony committed as a co-conspirator in a highly treasonous undertaking in accordance with §83/II, of coincidence with 1 felony of aiding and abetting the enemy in accordance with §91b, and of a felony of demoralizing the army in accordance with §5/I Z. 1 of the KSt.VO, 73 St.GB.

Arrest is warranted because a felony is the object of the investigation. Additionally, a severe punishment is anticipated.

Read aloud:
/Signature: Schmorell/

/Signature: Dietz/

Order for acceptance Release for prison is issued.

With files to the District Attorney’s Office Munich I, Department I

Investigative Judge: /Signature: Dietz/

/Second Signature: Illegible/


Source: RGWA (41 – 43)

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