Eugen Grimminger’s arraignment

File No. ER 3 Gs 245/43
Munich 7, March 25, 1943
Mariahilfplatz 17

District Court Munich
Department of Criminal Court
(Investigative Judge.)

Present: Ober- [sic].
District Court Judge: Dietz
Court Clerk: Dietz

Interrogation of the Accused In the Criminal Matter In the investigation against Against Grimminger Eugen for High Treason.

The accused, led forth from Neudeck prison, was interrogated in accordance with §136St.PO. as follows:

To his person: Grimminger Eugen, other personal details waived.

/Form 11, J.G. Weiβ’che Buchdruckerei and Publishing House, Munich/

He / She said: [Blank]

With regards to the matter, the accused said:

I make reference to my political statements and make them a part of my testimony. Insofar as I have admitted my guilt during my police interrogation, I also admit it during the judicial investigation.

I therefore admit to the aforementioned that I gave Scholl 500 RM of paper money during his second visit. At that time, Scholl told me that several of his friends [Note 1] had been arrested, and not locally. He said he did not have any money. To cover his travel expenses, I gave Scholl 500 RM. When I gave Scholl the 500 RM, I did not yet know that Scholl and Schmorell had plans to overthrow the government. I only learned about their treasonous activities when it was uncovered by the police.

I therefore do not believe that I have committed a felony.

Therefore, a warrant for his arrest is herewith issued.

The accused is strongly suspected of a felony offense, of aiding [and abetting the enemy] in accordance with §49 StGB, of the felony of highly treasonous activity in accordance with §83/II, of coincidence with 1 felony of aiding and abetting the enemy in accordance with §91b, and of a felony of demoralizing the army in accordance with §5/I Z. 1 of the KSt.VO, 73 St.GB.

Arrest is warranted because a felony is the basis of the investigation. In addition because of the severe penalty that is expected.

Read aloud: [blank]

Accused: /Signed: E. Grimminger/

Interpreter: [blank]

Judge: /Signed: Dietz/

Document Clerk: [blank]

Order for acceptance Release for prison is issued.

With files to the District Attorney’s Office Munich I, Department I.

Investigative Judge: /Signed: Dietz/

[Second signature:] /Signed: [Illegible]/


Note 1: Kameraden, not Freunden.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (38 – 40)

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