Gestapo memo re Verena Schiel letter

II A Skdo./Gei. [Special Commission/Geith]

Munich, March 29, 1943

The student Katharina Schüddekopf, currently in police custody (personal data known) wrote a letter to her friend Frl. Dr. Verena Schiel, Erfurt, Ludendorff Str. 40. In that letter, she told her about the circumstances surrounding her arrest. Since the letter may not be mailed, it was held back and confiscated.

Schüddekopf Katharina was led out of police custody. She was interrogated once again regarding item 3 in her letter [Note 1]:

I must state that the statements I have previously made with regards to this statement are true. When I noted in item 3 that Lafrenz already knew the leaflet, that is my assumption because Lafrenz remarked that that was the leaflet she was looking for. I cannot say whether she meant the third edition of the leaflet or the leaflet in general. I do not know why Lafrenz got the leaflet from me, nor to whom she gave the leaflet. Lafrenz did not tell me.

I knew from various comments that Lafrenz made (although I cannot recall any single statements) that Lafrenz did not have leanings to National Socialism. I reached this conclusion through Lafrenz’s statements regarding her pessimistic view with regards to the outcome of the war. Lafrenz held National Socialism accountable for what she perceived to be a lost war. According to the impressions I received from Lafrenz in reference to her political attitudes, I believe that Lafrenz would most like a democratic form of government.

Recorded by: /Signed: Geith/, Crim. Secr.

Read and signed by: /Signed: Schüddekopf/


Note 1: Item 3 in her letter stated: I gave the leaflet to someone else and therefore I am guilty of “distributing” it (even though Traute already knew the content and I did not know to whom she gave the leaflet).


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (113)

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