Hugo Schmorell to Reich prosecutor

Hugo Schmorell, M.D. – Munich 9, March 29, 1943
General Practitioner
Benediktenwand Str. 12

/Stamp: Reich Prosecutor’s Office
March 30, 1943/

To the

Chief Prosecuting Attorney

of the People’s Court

Berlin W.9.

Belle vue [sic] 15.

As father of Alexander Schmorell, currently in prison, I hereby request permission to visit my son for both me and my wife Elisabeth.

Additionally I request permission to take some groceries to my son, in permissible form and manner.

Heil Hitler!

/Signature: Hugo Schmorell/

/Handwritten and struck through in the original: 3J 38 / 43 as file to 35.43/


Source: RGWA (45)

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