Payment of expense reports (first trial)

File No. 8J 35/43.
[Trial] Date of February 22, 1943 in Munich.
Criminal Proceedings against Scholl et al.

67.50 Marks [$540.00], travel costs for Dr. Freisler, Presiding Judge, People’s Court.
126.30 Marks [$1,010.40] travel costs for Director of the Regional Court, [Dr.] Stier.
171.00 Marks [$1,368.00] travel costs for Reich Prosecutor Weyersberg.
183.30 Marks [$1,466.40] travel costs for Reich Assistant Prosecutor Bischoff.
76.75 Marks [614.00] travel costs for Chief Sergeant-at-Arms of the Justice Department, Kosemund.

[Total] 624.85 Marks [$4,998.80] – The above amounts have been approved for payment to the above-mentioned authorized persons.

Berlin, April 1, 1943
Accounting Office of the People’s Court
/Signature: [Illegible] [Note 1]/ Senior Judicial Officer


Note 1: Likely Vogelgesang (name on other accounting documents).


Source: ZC13267 (254)

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