Fifth interrogation of Katharina Schüddekopf

II A – Skdo/Gei. [Special Commission / Geith]

Munich, April 2, 1943

Schüddekopf Katharina, in continuation of the interrogation, led out from police custody, made the following additional statements:

Question: How much do you know about Lafrenz’s interrogations that have already taken place?

Answer: On February 26, 1943 shortly before 8 o’clock [am], Lafrenz came to my apartment to tell me that she had been summoned to an interrogation with the Secret State Police [Gestapo].

I met Lafrenz in front of my house, because I was just leaving. Lafrenz was in a hurry. We did not speak any further about the reason [for the summons].

On March 1 or March 3, 1943 in the afternoon, I met Lafrenz once again. I do not remember whether it was in my apartment or in hers. At that meeting, I asked Lafrenz about her interrogation with the State Police. Lafrenz told me that she had been interrogated about the Scholl matter and that the interrogation had lasted nearly all morning. In addition, she said that she had been asked very detailed questions about her relationship to Hans Scholl. She had also been asked about Prof. Huber and Prof. Muth.

With reference to those persons, Lafrenz told me that she had only made statements about them because she was asked [specific questions]. Lafrenz said that she suspected that Schertling had told the State Police about Prof. Huber and Prof. Muth.

With regards to Prof. Huber, Lafrenz told me that she had only stated that she barely knew Prof. Huber through me. Lafrenz did not tell me any more details about the interrogation.

Recorded by: /Signed: Geith/, Crim. Secr.

Read and signed by: /Signed: Katharina Schüddekopf/


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (117 – 118)

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