Police report re Katharina Schüddekopf


State Police Headquarters Magdeburg 2178 – April 4, 1943 – 5 pm – BO –
To State Police Headquarters Munich
Regarding matter of arrest – urgent – please deliver immediately.
Regarding: Matter of high treason Hans Scholl et al.
Previous correspondence: Your telex dated March 30, 1943, Vol. No. 13226/43 II A-Skdo/Gei.

The [female] student Katharina Schüddekopf was unregistered here on October 14, 1941 when she registered in Munich. There are no negative reports on file for her here of a political nature.

Despite repeated requests for her to join at least one of the Party’s organizations, she has always refused. She did not participate in collections or charitable contributions. Therefore she cannot must not be considered politically blameless. It should be noted that Schüddekopf was raised by her mother as a strict Catholic. She regularly attended church here.

Schüddekopf’s parents have lived in Magdeburg at Stassfurter Str. 2 since 1928. Her father joined the Party on May 1, 1937. (Party Number 4 849 289.) He also belonged to the SA with rank of Oberscharführer. The competent representative of the supreme power [Note 1] evaluated [Mr.] Schüddekopf as absolutely reliable. Until his marriage, he belonged to the Lutheran Church, but then he converted to the Catholic Church. [Mr.] Schüddekopf died in Magdeburg on February 27, 1942.

[Miss] Schüddekopf’s mother still lives in Magdeburg, Stassfurter Str. 2. She lives very much in seclusion. She does not belong to any Party organization. One must conclude from her refusal to participate in collections of money, textiles, and furs that she is not in agreement with the National Socialist government. She is a strict Catholic and attends church regularly.

Mrs. Anni Allinger-Szillich nee Schüddekopf ([Miss] Schüddekopf’s sister), is married to the district attorney in Vienna named Allinger-Szillich. She is described as politically blameless. In conclusion one can say that the [female] student Katharina Schüddekopf takes after her mother, while her sister takes after [Note 2] her father.

State Police Headquarters Magdeburg II A 590/43. By order of Henschen KOS.


Note 1: Hoheitsträger.

Note 2: In both cases, used the word arten. Literally means to become the same species as.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (120)

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