Second Power of Attorney, Schertling

Power of Attorney.

Attorney-at-Law Karl Götz of Munich, Elisabethstr. 48/0, is herewith authorized to represent

/Handwritten: Schertling Gisela/

in all pending [legal] proceedings with regards to [blank], having been granted all legal powers hereto.

Attorney is empowered to seek an indictment; to press charges (private, ancillary, or counter); to rescind indictments or charges; to act as proxy and defense counsel in all instances including appeals; to take seek all means of relief and to revoke same; to submit petitions should proceedings be reinstated, and to revoke same; to receive payments and punitive damages and to sign for same; to finalize settlements and proposals of all sorts; to grant waivers; as well as assigning all these powers to another legally competent agent at one’s option. The one receiving power of attorney is also empowered to accept or receive the disputed object as well as legal costs and related sums of money and securities.

Munich, April 4, 1943.

/Signed: Gisela Schertling [Note 1]/


Note 1: The same person who wrote Gisela’s name at the top also wrote the date. Not the same as Gisela Schertling’s signature.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (75)

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