Gestapo memorandum re Katharina Schüddekopf

II A Skd./Gei. [Special Commission / Geith]

Munich, April 6, 1943

/Handwritten: Final report/

Regarding: Case of high treason, Hans Scholl.

Results of investigation in the matter of Katharina Schüddekopf.

The investigation carried out with regards to the [female] student Katharina Schüddekopf has yielded the following:

In May 1942, Schüddekopf met the [female] student Traute Lafrenz in a series of lectures given by Prof. Huber at the University of Munich. In that manner, she landed in the Scholl circle. She participated in several meetings of the Scholl circle, particularly in those at the Schmorell’s villa and in Eickemeyer’s studio, during which political statements were made. She did not know Hans Scholl very well. During the course of our investigations, we could not determine that she had a closer relationship with Hans Scholl.

According to her own statements, Schüddekopf received a copy of edition III of the leaflet “White Rose” from Hans Scholl while she was at the university several days after the meeting in Eickemeyer’s studio [sic]. Allegedly Hans Scholl did not make any statements regarding from where he had received the leaflet when he gave it to her. As Scholl recommended, she took the leaflet home, read it and kept it there.

Around November 1942 (according to her own statements), she gave the leaflet to Lafrenz when Lafrenz asked for it. She allegedly assumed that Lafrenz already knew the leaflet, since Lafrenz had commented to her: “That is what I am looking for.” Lafrenz said that she did not mean edition III, but the leaflet “White Rose” [in general] by her statement.

No additional clues regarding criminal conduct of Schüddekopf, particularly co-conspiracy or being an accomplice to the intrigues of Hans Scholl, could be found.

/Signed: Geith/, Crim. Secr.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (119)

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