Schertling arrest record

File No.: 1d Js-So 454/43.

Arrest Record for the accused Schertling Gisela

Day taken into temporary custody: [blank]  – Page [blank] [Note 1]

Arrest warrant issued on: April 6, 1943 – Page [blank]

Continuation of investigative custody ordered on: [blank] – Page [blank]

Investigative custody: Munich Stadelheim

Prisoner number – reference of sanatorium or mental asylum: [blank]

Arrest grievances (or other grievances): [blank]

From Page [blank], resolved on [blank], Page [blank]

Date of release due to posting of bond or in accordance with §28, JGG, [blank] – Page [blank]

Arrest – Order to hold – rescinded on [blank] – Page [blank]


Note 1: Failure to complete the line above (date taken into temporary custody) later caused headaches for the officials who had to determine when Gisela Schertling’s sentence expired.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (4)

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