Typewriters to Berlin

StAM. I, Crim. Reg.
Please cite above file number in future correspondence.
State Attorney General Munich I

Munich, March 29, 1943 April 6, 1943.

To Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court, Berlin W.9, Bellevue Str. 15.
/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office, People’s Court, received: April 6, 1943, [illegible]/

With regards to: Hans Scholl and 2 others.
Ref: Your file no. 8J 35/43.

In response to your correspondence dated March 20, 1943, I hereby forward 2 typewriters <Brand “Erika” No. 507540/6 and “Portable Remington” No. NL 82533> as well as 1 duplicating machine (Brand “Rota (sic)-Präziosa” No. 13101).

I herewith request proof of delivery.

/Signature: Kummer/

/Handwritten: [illegible] already received. N. April 12, 1943/

[Form] No. 1.W.5000. 7.42.N/0261.


Source: ZC13267 (242)

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