Bischoff sends indictment to Freisler

Chief Prosecutor of the Reich
Bellevue Str. 15
Telephone: 218341
Office symbol: [Illegible]

Berlin W9, April 8, 1943

To the President of the People’s Court [Freisler], Here.

/Stamp: April 10, 1943/
/Initials: [Illegible]/

Regarding: Criminal case against Alexander Schmorell from Munich and 10 others, for preparations for high treason

Attachment: 1 Main File, 16 supplementary files, 5 volumes of auxiliary files (8 J [illegible] /43), 29 copies of the indictment

I herewith forward you the indictment with attachments, with reference to my petitions submitted in closing. I have been advised that the tentative trial date is set for April 19, 1943.

Signed for: /Signature: [Illegible]/


Source: NJ1704 (63)

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