Geith memo re Katharina Schüddekopf


II A-Skdo/Gei. [Special Commission/Geith]

Munich, April 8, 1943

Regarding: Matter of high treason Hans Scholl.

Previous correspondence: File no. of the People’s Court I H 47/43 [no date]

I. The single [female] student of musicology and philosophy Katharina Schüddekopf (born February 8, 1916 in Magdeburg, last residence Munich, Theresien Str. 25/III c/o Popper) was convicted of [Note 1] giving her friend Traute Lafrenz a leaflet entitled “Leaflet of the White Rose” Edition III while in her [Schüddekopf’s] residence. Lafrenz is a single [female] student of medicine, born May 3, 1919 in Hamburg, last residence Munich, Steinsdorfer Str. 7/II c/o Gmehling, currently in police custody.

According to her own statements, Schüddekopf received this leaflet from Hans Scholl on the occasion of meeting him at the university around the end of July 1942 [sic].

Schüddekopf repeatedly associated with the Scholl circle. She also took part in political discussions in the Scholl circle. She knew Scholl’s treasonous attitudes. She denies having known about Scholl’s intrigues. The contrary could not be proven. Her friend Traute Lafrenz, who was an intimate friend of Hans Scholl, introduced her to the Scholl circle.

Schüddekopf was a pupil [Note 2] of former Professor Kurt Huber, who was transferred to the investigative judge on March 23, 1943 as a co-conspirator. With regards to giving the leaflet to [Miss] Lafrenz, Schüddekopf defends herself by saying that she was of the opinion that Lafrenz already knew about the leaflet.

A separate complaint has been filed against Lafrenz for contravention of the People’s Law for the Protection of the German Nation dated February 4, 1933 §21.


Note 1: Überführt. That means neither convinced nor persuaded. Legal connotation! If Geith had said she was überführt to the prison, it would mean transferred. But without that prepositional phrase, he indicates guilt. (It is a legal term.)

Note 2: Schülerin, not Studentin. School girl or female pupil. This insult was carried over into the trial.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (130)

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