Gestapo memo re Eugen Grimminger

Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters Munich
Vol. No. 13226/43/II A Sond. [Special Commission]

Munich, April 10, 1943

/Stamp: Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the People’s Court, received April 12, 1943/


To the Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court, Berlin.


Regarding: Criminal matter against Schmorell et al

Previous correspondence: Your file no. 6J24/43 dated April 9, 1943

Enclosures: Original copy and duplicate

Enclosed please find the original and copy of a document written by co-defendant Eugen Grimminger, born [Illegible] in Crailsheim. He wishes to assert that he was deceived by Scholl or rather that when he gave him the sum of 500 RM he did not know what the actual purpose of the donation was.

Grimminger initially presented the facts of the case stating that Scholl (Schmorell was only present the first time) clearly told him during the first and second visits that he wanted to bring about the overthrow [of the government] by publishing test balloon [Note 1] documents. [He said] he could not or did not give Scholl any money for those purposes, nor did he give him a clear position regarding whether [Scholl] could count on any money.

When Grimminger then had to admit that when Scholl visited him for the second time, he did in fact give him 500 RM, he said that he thought Scholl only wanted to undertake harmless orientation trips with the money. Grimminger doubtless has chosen this defense because he knew that at this time, the only witness Scholl is not living.

/Signed: [Illegible [Note 2]]/

/Handwritten: Forwarded with enclosures to the 1st Senate of the People’s Court with request for forwarding to [Illegible] I. Berlin, April 12, 1943/


Note 1: Aufklärungsschriften. Aufklärung is a military term meaning reconnaissance.

Note 2: It is illegible because stamps and other writing obscure the signature. Likely was Geith.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (51)

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