Schüddekopf transfer to Stadelheim

/Stamp: [illegible, but looks like Stadelheim Prison/

Delivered 4/10/43 at 10:45 am from: Neudeck
Prisoner No. H103/43
Placement: [blank]

First Name Katharina
Surname Schüddekopf
born on [illegible] in Magdeburg
Occupation: Student [Note 1]
Religion: Catholic
Residence: Munich, Theresien Str. 25, Garden House, c/o Popper
Last police registration: [blank]
First and last names of spouse: Single
No. of children: N/A
Name and address of next-of-kin: Mother: Katharina Schüddekopf, nee Ohlmeier, Magdeburg, [illegible]
Most recently released in (year): [blank]
Executory authorities or other authorities requesting acceptance (Bureau Abbrev.): [illegible]
Punishment meted out on [blank]
Crime committed / suspicion of criminal deed: Suspicion of high treason

a) Type and (when known) length of sentence / maximum sentence; precautions to ensure security and amelioration or other conditions of custody; b) Deduction for time in interrogation: [all blank]

Punishment or custody: Begins on (date / time): [blank] Ends at (date / time): [blank]

Advisement of acceptance to [illegible].

[Form No.] VollzO A 10, Notification of Acceptance by the Authorities


Note 1: Here, the clerk used the proper word of Studentin, instead of the more insulting term Schülerin.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (161)

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