Telex re Katharina Schüddekopf


From STL [State Police Headquarters] In Munich

Received on  April 10, 1943 – At: 1:42 pm – Recorded by: Jensen

DR. DR. STL [State Police Headquarters] MUNICH NO. 6324, APRIL 10, 1943 1342 – RIE –

To the Attorney General of the People’s Court in Berlin.

Regarding: Case of high treason against Scholl, Hans et al.

Previous correspondence: Your telex dated February 27, 1943, file no. 8J 35/43 8J 37/43 [Note 1] and our telex dated March 24, 1943 Vol. No. 13226/43 Roem. 2A/Skdo.

With regards to the above-mentioned matter, the single [female] student of philosophy and musicology Katharina Schüddekopf born February 8, 1916 in Magdeburg was transferred today to the investigative judge of the District Court in Munich. Schüddekopf was one of the friends in Scholl’s circle and she received edition III of the “Leaflets of the White Rose” from Hans Scholl, which she then passed along to the [female] student Traute Lafrenz.

Stl. Munich, Vol. No. 13226/43 – Roem. 2A/Skdo/Gei.

By order of Signed by Schuhmann, SS-H’Stuf.

1 RR for STL Munich No. 6324

April 10, 1943 1345 People’s Court Berlin /Jensen

Form V104.

/Handwritten: [Illegible] Bischoff/


Note 1: The original telex was in Katharina Schüddekopf’s file. Someone had crossed out the case number in the telex and handwritten a different case number.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (127)

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