Freisler approves Deisinger as defense counsel for Schmorell

[Illegible] J 14 / 43 g

1.) In the criminal case against Schmorell, the choice of the attorney-at-law Dr. Deisinger in Munich, [illegible] 12 for the defendant / accused as above has been approved in accordance with §3 of Article IV of the Law Regarding Revision of the Regulations of Criminal Law and of Criminal Proceedings, dated April 24, 1934.

General criminal proceedings as advised. Power of attorney will be immediately provided.

2.) Returned to the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court.

3.) Advice to:

a) Attorney-at-law Dr. Deisinger with instruction sheet and proof of delivery.

b) The defendant as above, currently in Neudeck Prison

4.) Copy to Department 6 of the Reich Attorney General’s Office of the People’s Court.

5.) 1 copy each to the [blank] Senate.

6.) 1 copy to the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich for [illegible].

Berlin, April 12, 1943
The Presiding [Judge] of the 1st Council of the People’s Court [Freisler]
Signed for
/Signature: [Illegible]/


Source: NJ1704 (65)

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