Willi Graf’s arrest records (Cologne)

Information Taken from the Registry of Sentences of the State Attorney General’s Office in Cologne

According to the files
– no – prior convictions

/Stamp: Chief State Attorney General’s Office, Cologne, April 12, 1943, [Illegible]/

Surname: Graf, First name: Wilhelm
(For women, maiden name) (Please underline Christian name)

Birthdate: January 2, 1918, Town: Kuchenheim Urban district if appl: Reg. Cologne, County: [blank] Country [Note 1]: German Reich

Marital status: Single – Married – Widowed – Divorced

First and last names (for women, maiden names) of spouse, including former spouses: [blank]

First and last names of father: Gerhard Graf

First and maiden names of mother: Anna Gölden

Status (occupation): Medical student If applicable, of husband: [blank]

Domicile (or most recent residence): Munich

Street address: Mandl Str. 1 / Second Floor

Citizen of: German Reich

Hometown: [blank] Home county: [blank]

The following judgment(s) is / there are no judgments noted in the Registry of Sentences:

No. | Date | By / File No. | For | On the basis of | Sentenced to | Notes

/Stamp: On the basis of the Registry of Sentences, no prior convictions. April 14, 1943, Director of the Registry of Sentences/

/Signature: [Illegible]/

/Seal: Eagle with swastika, [Illegible]/

With reference to the excerpt on the reverse side, returned in the original.

/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office, People’s Court, received April 14, 1943, [llegible]/

/Envelope is addressed to: President of the People’s Court In Berlin [Illegible], Bellevue Str. 15/

/Postmark is partially illegible: Berlin SW 11, April 14, 1943, 20/

/Seal: [Illegible] Eagle with swastika/


Note 1: Land generally means “state” e.g. Bavaria, Württemberg. But the person who filled out this form interpreted it as country.


Source: NJ1704 (75 – 76)

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