Confusion regarding Katharina Schüddekopf trial

1d JS-So 486/43
Please cite when replying.

Munich, April 13, 1943

District Attorney’s Office, Munich I
As Director of the Arraignment Authorities for the Special Court, Munich

To: The Chief Prosecuting Attorney of the People’s Court
Attn: Chief Prosecuting Attorney Lautz or his deputy—Berlin.

Regarding: Criminal case against Katharina Schüddekopf for co-conspiracy to commit high treason

Your case no. 8 J 35/43.
Scholl Hans and 2 others

Enclosures: 1 book of investigative files, in two parts.

/Stamp: [Illegible] April 15, 1943/

Confidential! Arrest.

With reference to the final report of the Secret State Police [Gestapo], I herewith submit these files. The investigative judge of the District Court in Munich has issued an arrest warrant.

Signed: Kummer,
/Seal: District Attorney’s Office, Munich I [with eagle and swastika]/

Certified by: /Signed: Rütz/
Judicial employee

/Handwritten: 1) There is an indictment pending against the accused in case 6J 24/43. The accused’s [records? case?] has been split out.

2) Case 8J 83/43 is to be combined with 6J 24/43.

3) [Illegible]

4) [Illegible]./

/Stamp: Berlin, April 21, 1943
Signed: Bischoff/


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (126)

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