Diepold request for information

Munich, April 14, 1943

[Illegible] [Note 1]

People’s Court, Berlin, [Illegible] Council

/Stamp: People’s [Illegible], [Illegible] 1943/

With regards to: Schmorell and those named for preparations of high treason.

As defense counsel for the accused Graf and Guter, I herewith respond to the petition for continuation of incarceration by requesting determination [Note 2] of the facts of the case.

Defense Counsel:
/Signature: [Illegible/, Attorney-at-Law.


Note 1: File number – and it appears to be the same as above (6 J etc.), but it is cut off and therefore rendered illegible.

Note 2: Can also mean conclusion of.

Editor’s note: Although the attorney’s name is illegible, it must be Dr. Hugo Diepold, since he represented Willi Graf and Heinrich Guter (and later Gisela Schertling).


Source: NJ1704 (71)

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