Proof of service (indictment): Siegfried Deisinger

6J 24/43 [illegible]
IH 101/43

/Stamp: People’s Court, received April 15, 1943, [Illegible]/
/Initials: [Illegible]/

Proof of Delivery.

I hereby confirm that I have received the indictment against Schmorell and 10 others and the Instruction Sheet [Note 1] II by the President of the People’s Court dated May 24, 1938 – 405a – 1.115 (111) – for Defense Counsel.

Place: Munich

Date: April 14, 1943

/Signature: [Illegible] Deisinger/


Note 1: This instruction sheet was included in the file, but it was printed in such fine print (approximately 6 point font, if not smaller) as to be all but illegible.


Source: NJ1704 (70)

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