Proof of service (indictment): Willi Graf


Of the delivery of a letter addressed as follows

[Illegible]: Bureau of the People’s Court, Berlin W9.

6J 24/43 / 1H 101/43

To: Mr. Wilhelm Graf, currently in investigative custody in Neudeck prison in Munich.

By the order of the Bureau of the People’s Court, I have personally handed the aforementioned letter to the addressee, as of today’s date.

I have noted the date of delivery on the envelope of the letter that I delivered.

Munich, April 15, 1943

/Signature: [Illegible] [Note 1]/


Note 1: Different signature from the delivery certificate for Schmorell’s letter.

Editor’s note: This was proof of service for the indictment. A copy of the indictment was not included here.


Source: NJ1704 (69)

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