Walter Petzl Power of Attorney (Grimminger)

Dr. Walter Petzl, Attorney-at-Law
Ritter-von-Epp Platz 12/II
Tel: 10479

Munich 2, April 15, 1943

To the Attorney General of the People’s Court, Berlin, Bellevue Str.

/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office of the People’s Court
Received April 17, 1943/

Regarding: Schmorell et al for high treason
File No. 6J 24/43
/Handwritten: 1H 101/43/

I herewith submit the power of attorney form demonstrating that I am representing the accused Eugen Grimminger in the above matter.

The accused asserts that on the day or in any case immediately after his conversation with Scholl when he gave him money, he discussed his conversation with Scholl with the following persons:

Albert Grimminger, Stuttgart, Tübinger Str.

Mrs. Tilly Hahn, Stuttgart, Secretary of the accused, can be summoned at his address.

Fritz Westermann, Singer, previously with Radio in Stuttgart, now in Leipzig, address there unknown.

The accused asserts that he made it clear to these people that he was only giving the money to Scholl for purely personal reasons and not to support political propaganda.

I declare my intent to depose the above-mentioned persons as witnesses before the trial.

/Signed: [Illegible]/


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (45 – 46)

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