Deisinger Power of Attorney for Alexander Schmorell

Power of Attorney in the Matter of [blank]

Is herewith granted to Attorney-at-Law and Tax Attorney Dr. S. Deisinger, Munich, Nuβbaum Street 12 / Second Floor, Telephone [Illegible].

In approbation of his prior activities, general power of attorney and commissioning of my proxy before all courts of law, authorities, and all other places and persons is hereby granted for all legal actions (pursuant to the ordinances of §§81 ff of the civil statutes) as well as with all the rights of defense counsel in accordance with §§137 ff., §378 of criminal law.

The power of attorney further entitles its holder to receive deliveries of every sort and to make all representations which are incumbent upon me in this matter. The proxy may transfer the power of attorney to competent third parties.


Date: [blank]

/Signature: Alexander Schmorell/


Source: NJ1704 (72)

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