Gisela Schertling arrest record, Rudolstadt

Information from the Criminal Records of the Attorney General’s Office in Rudolstadt

According to the files, no previous convictions.

Family Name (for women, maiden name): Schertling.

First Name (please underline given name): Gisela.

Birth date: February 9, 1922

[Birth] place: Pössneck / Thüringia

District Court Region: Rudolstadt

Country: German Reich.

Marital Status: Single.

Father’s Name: Paul Schertling

Mother’s Name incl. Maiden Name: Lotte nee Pressler

Status (Occupation): [University] Student of Phil.

If applicable, of spouse: [blank]

Residence: Munich, Lindwurm Str. 13/3

Citizenship: German Reich

Hometown: [blank]

Home county: [blank]

[The part below about previous crimes is blank. The usual “is / is not” for previous crimes is untouched.]

/Stamp [with eagle and swastika]: On the basis of the criminal records, no prior convictions. Rudolstadt, April 17, 1943. [Illegible]./

/Signed: Schmitz/

/Handwritten: [Illegible], F. April 20./

[Form No.] A.F. Str. Form No. 38. Request for information from criminal records. (F).


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (2)

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