Proof of Service: Summons to Trial

[Cover sheet for transmittal letter to all defendants.]


Mr. Alexander Schmorell (1753/83)
Mr. Wilhelm Graf (1757/38)
Dr. Kurt Huber (1748/52a)
Mr. Hans Hirzel (1750/61)
Miss Susanne Hirzel [no prisoner number]
Mr. Franz Josef Müller (1755/41)
Mr. Heinrich Guter (1752/125a)
Mr. Eugen Grimminger (1751/98)
Dr. Heinrich Philipp Bollinger (1749/135)
Mr. Helmut Karl Theodor August Bauer (1754/77)
Dr. Falk Erich Walter Harnack (1756/112)

All are currently in interrogative custody at the Court Prison at Neudeck in Munich. [Note 1]


Document description: Trial date set for April 19, 1943 in Munich.

Service of Legal Process to Prisoners (Summons of the Accused to Trial).

Proof of Service of Legal Process

For the delivery of a sealed package bearing the following inscription: Summons to Trial.

File No.: 6 J 24/43 g

From: Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court, Berlin W 9, Bellevue Str. 15.


Service of Legal Process issued in duplicate.

To: Mr. Eugen Grimminger (Prisoner Record No. 1751/38) currently in investigative custody, Court Prison at Neudeck in Munich.

I hereby confirm delivery of the above-described package as of today’s date here at [blank] between 12 pm and 1 pm (time optional).

To the above-mentioned recipient currently at the prison in the Court Prison, Cornelius Street Prison.

I have noted the process date on the package that I delivered.

Munich, April 17, 1943

[No Signature] Senior Justice Official

/Signature: [Illegible]/ [Title Illegible]


Note 1: This merely translates what the document said. Not all prisoners listed were held at Neudeck before the trial. Some were at Cornelius Street Prison, some at Stadelheim. This document also proves that Traute Lafrenz, Gisela Schertling, and Katharina Schüddekopf were not served.

Note too that in the body of the document below the listing, Eugen Grimminger is listed as Cornelius Street Prison, not Neudeck.


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (59 – 60)

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