Cross-examination: Katharina and Gisela

One time she assisted with the distribution of leaflets, but the People’s Court does not charge her particularly with that crime. It happened as follows: She was going out with the Scholl sister, who was carrying a briefcase. She stopped at a mailbox, opened the briefcase, and began putting letters in the mailbox. Schertling helped her by raising the lid of the mailbox. This happened so suddenly and unexpectedly, that she did not think at that time that she was helping to undermine the State.

Even the manner in which she portrayed this incident for the court speaks to the fact that the only thing she was conscious of at the time was a common courtesy. However, since she did not report Scholl’s activities, she must be punished. She is not excused by the fact that she had something other than treason in mind in her relationship with Scholl. …

Incidentally, all three girls have credibly stated that they have liberated themselves from the influences of these treasonous goings-on and that they now affirm the National Socialist way of life of our people with all their heart. The People’s Court has taken this into account when determining their punishment.


Source: Verdict with reason, second trial

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