Freisler impressed by Tilly Hahn’s testimony

And then Grimminger gave him [Hans Scholl] 500 Marks [$4,000.00]!

He should have been aware that this money would be used to undermine the unity of our homeland, and even more to undermine the soldiers on the front and our military forces, thereby aiding and abetting our enemies. But he obviously did not make this connection.

Such a grievous case of high treason would have been punished differently had the case not been made at the very end of the trial (by the witness Miss Hahn) – even after the punishment recommendations had been made by the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich – that he does a great deal for his employees who are soldiers. He even enables one of them, who is badly wounded, to continue his studies. This made his assertions (that he did not believe the enemies of the Reich would be aided) more believable in the eyes of the court. It allowed him to be viewed in a somewhat more favorable light.


Source: Verdict with reason, second trial

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