Bischoff: Decision re Schertling trial

3) The decision regarding whether the trial should be transferred to the district attorney in Munich will be postponed until the conclusion of the trial in the matter of Schmorell et al.

4) For the present, the proceedings are to be loosely connected to the matter 8J 37/43.

5) Present this to the undersigned again on April 21, 1943.


Editor’s note: As of April 13, 1943, Bischoff did not intend for Traute Lafrenz, Katharina Schüddekopf, or Gisela Schertling to be included in the April 19, 1943 trial. April 21 was the “reminder” date for a follow-up decision.


Source: Bischoff’s memorandum dated April 13, 1943

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