Petzl follow-up on behalf of Grimminger

Dr. Walter Petzl, Attorney-at-Law
Ritter-von-Epp Platz 12/II
Tel: 10479

Munich 2, April 21, 1943

To the Attorney General of the People’s Court, Berlin, Bellevue Str.

/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office of the People’s Court
Received April 27, 1943/

Regarding: Schmorell et al for high treason
File No. 6J 24/43

In my letter dated April 15, 1943, I presented myself along with power of attorney as Grimminger’s defense counsel.

As I have learned from the press, the trial has taken place in the meantime. I hereby request advice regarding why I was not invited to the trial.

/Signed: [Illegible]/

/Handwritten: There is no special volume for Grimminger. May 5, Bischoff/

/Handwritten: April 28. Handed over to the 1st Senate Bischoff/

/Handwritten: April 29, 1943: In response to your letter dated April 21, 1943 we herewith advise you that your motion dated April 15, 1943 was received on April 20, 1943, and therefore 1 day after the trial had taken place. Berlin./

/Handwritten: Taken care of, April 30, 1943, Schülze, mailed April 30, 1943/

/Handwritten: 1H 6/


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (47)

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