Denial of Deppisch’s pre-trial legal fees


People’s Court
Accounting Office
6 J 24/43
1 H 101/43

Berlin 8, April 29, 1943
Bellevue Street 15

To: Dr. Aug. Deppisch, Attorney-at-Law in Munich, Leopold Street 56.

With regards to: Criminal case against Schmorell Alexander et al, for preparations for high treason etc.

Here: Determination of costs and request for reimbursement as court-appointed defense counsel of the accused Huber Kurt, Bauer Helmut, and Schüddekopf Katharina, 6 J 24/43 – 1 H 101/43

The fee with regards to §§67,72 RAGbO is not payable because the function that was performed by you, [dear] Attorney, took place during the trial portion of the proceedings. The scope of the proceedings for which the fees of the §67 a.a.O. are applicable is unmistakable in §70 a.a.O. The presiding judge of the Council set the trial date on April 14, 1943. Therewith the pre-trial activity ended. Therefore, 60 Marks [$480.00] in fees, along with 1.20 [$9.60] V.A.T., have been deducted from your invoice.

However, since the trial took place before the deadline for responding to the indictment passed, I will leave it up to you to submit a request to the 1st Council of the People’s Court to approve the fee in accordance with §§67,72 a.a.O. for reasons of fairness.

In addition, please remember to submit invoices for fees and expenses in two separate parts.

Signed by Hammer
Senior Judicial Officer


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (135)

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