Revision of Eble’s invoice

To be written:

People’s Court Accounting Office
Berlin, April 30, 1943

6 J 24/43 g
1 H 101/43

To: Dr. Eduard Eble, Attorney-at-Law in Munich, Barer Street 50

With regards to: Request for determination of costs in the criminal case against Schmorell et al, dated April 27, 1943

In the case of the defense of several accused, the fees increase by one-half (in accordance with §§ 63, 67 RAGebO, in accordance with § 72 etc.) only once, regardless of whether two or three [defendants] are present.

Therefore, [fees] have been fixed as follows:

1. Fee in accordance with §§ 67, 72 RAGebO. 60.00 Marks

2. Fee in accordance with §§ 63, 72 etc. 120.00 Marks

3. V.A.T. 3.60 Marks

4. Postage and expenditures. 1.35 Marks

[Total = ] 184.95 Marks

This assumes that the expenditures do not include any travel expenses. For local business, travel expenses are not reimbursable in accordance with § 80 a.a.O.

/Signature: [Illegible]/
Senior Judicial Officer


Source: Eickemeyer/Grimminger (56)

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