Disposition of typewriters

Managing Official of the Reich Attorney General’s Office, People’s Court

Berlin, May 3, 1943
Bellevue Street 15
Telephone: 218341

Bureau symbol: 43 – 2.162
Please cite when replying.

To The Director of Department 8 of the Bureau here.
Regarding: 8J 35/43.

The portable “Erika” typewriter No. 507 540/6 with wood housing, 13 mm typewriter ribbon, normal keyboard, and simple operation – which was confiscated by decree of the 1st Council of the People’s Court – has been claimed by the People’s Court for use by the Attorney General’s Office.

The portable “Remington” typewriter No. NL 82 533 M with a non-matching wood housing, 13 mm typewriter ribbon, normal keyboard, simple operation and subscript (American manufacture) has been made available to the [Reich’s] special operation for locating available typewriters until additional steps are taken by me.

Signed for: /Signature: [Illegible]/

/Initials: Ma./

/Handwritten: 1.To the files. 2. To the [illegible]. May 4, 1943/


Source: ZC13267 (243)

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